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Event Management

Mawandze Trading and Projects strives to not only meet, but also exceed the client’s goals when it comes to Events Management.  Mawandze is dedicated to delivering individualised events design and management services, with the emphasis on detail, quality and creativity.  Our approach is to provide our client with an enjoyable and engaging event planning experience without sacrificing the quality, professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness of the process.

The process begins with either an idea/vision or specific terms of reference from the client.  Mawandze is in a position to assist the client in both scenarios by working closely with the client to evaluate and/or develop an event campaign that ultimately reflects the clients’ values and achieves the clients’ end goals and objectives. 

Mawandze will project manage the entire event and establishes key partnerships and sponsorships with other organisations for cross marketing opportunities to ensure seamless integration of all the different tasks involved in events management and thereby ensuring the delivery of a quality event that not only meets, but exceeds, the clients expectations.

Mawandze not only project manages the event, but also provides design, branding and procurement expertise relating to the goods and services required to ensure a quality and successful event. 


Procurement forms part of the Supply Chain Management and Mawandze has access to Supply Chain Management expertise within the public and private sectors.  Mawandze therefore not only has a very good understanding but also applies best practice procurement that complies with both the private and public sectors when procuring goods and services on behalf of the clients. 

Supply Chain Management is a process where the delivery of a product or service to the consumer (client/customer) is at the correct price, quantity and quality and at the correct time. 

Mawandze understands that procurement in isolation will not necessarily provide the client with the quality services and/or products required and therefore practices Supply Chain Management principals when procuring goods and services.

Project Management

Effective Project Management is essential to ensure the successful completion of turnkey projects in the required time limit.  The management and distribution of information relating to the project is essential to keep all role players up to date with progress and to address any emergencies timely that may arise during the project.

Mawandze Trading and Projects utilise IT Data Base Management to ensure that the project team correctly record and manage the information relating to the project throughout the project.  Mawandze is in the process of designing geo-spatial programmes for project management to assist the clients in visualising the progress and results of projects under taken.